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Essential Blue Series is an embedded solution conceived to protect your patient's eyes from UV and Harmful Blue Light, every day. A unique absorption process leads to several benefits such as Harmful Blue Light protection in an aesthetically clear lens, no matter the prescription.

Full design availability across Varilux, Eyezen, Single Vision and Essilor Progressive lenses.
Always recommend with Crizal and add Crizal Prevencia for even more protection.


Everyday Harmful Blue Light and UV Protection. Clarity on Top2

3x more protection against
Harmful Blue Light light than regular prescription lenses3

Aesthetic clarity whatever the prescription5

Provides 100% UV light blocking up to 400nm4

Allows essential light through and won’t impact the “human biological clock” synchronization6
Helps filter harmful blue light. Lets in beneficial blue light. Superior clarity.


Blue light is everywhere. While it’s emitted mainly by the sun, it’s also emitted by artificial lights and digital devices.

Harmful Blue Light ranges from 400-455 nm with the greatest toxicity between 415-455 nm.

Beneficial blue-turquoise light ranges from 465 – 495 nm. Blue-turquoise light stimulates the eye’s pupillary reflex and parts of the brain where melatonin is produced. 

Patients need a solution that protects their eyes from harmful blue-violet light while letting beneficial blue-turquoise light pass through.

BLUE LIGHT SPECTRUM. Blue-Violet Light, or Harmful Blue Light, is believed to be the most harmful to the retina. Blue-Turquoise Light has positive effects on the body, such as regulating the sleep/wake cycle.

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[1] Essential Blue Series® lenses filter at least 20% of harmful blue-violet light (up to 455nm, with the greatest toxicity between 415- 455nm). For Polycarbonate concave lenses, the Harmful Blue Light filtering percentage might be slightly lower.

[2] Extremely low residual tint resulting from absorbing blue-violet light. 

[3] Essential Blue Series® lenses filter at least 20% of harmful blue-violet light. For polycarbonate concave lenses, the Harmful Blue Light filtering percentage might be slightly lower. Regular prescription lenses = 1.5 or Poly material (without blue protection) with Crizal Avancé UV coating at equal center-thickness.

[4] Essential Blue Series® lenses combined with Crizal Prevencia coating have a front and back side UV protection up to E-SPF 35™ index.

[5] Essential Blue Series® lenses are developed using in-mass technology. The lenses are aesthetically clear irrespective of prescription once they are surfaced, edged and mounted.

[6] Hattar S., Liao H.W., Takao M., Berson D.M. and Yau K.-W. (2002), Melanopsin-containing retinal ganglion cells: architecture, projections and intrinsic photosensitivity.